Learning Portal

The Netcampus LMS is an innovative, customised, integrated cloud based software application, specifically designed to allow South African companies to rapidly deliver, deploy and manage self-branded e-Learning content easily, and cost effectively across all regions.

The LMS is a solution for organisations that require a dedicated platform that can be used to support and manage organisational learning and the platform can either be hosted within the Netcampus cloud environment, managed by the Business Connexion Data Centre, or by an organisation within its own IT infrastructure.

The LMS was designed and built specifically with the South African market in mind, with the ability to address band-width issues in a smart way through granular publishing of content.

The Netcampus LMS is a platform utilised for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training initiatives, eLearning courses, and training content, which will allow for the ability to:

  • Centralise and automate administration
  • Assign and deliver learning content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Support convenience and standards
  • Personalise content and enable knowledge reuse

Companies also have the option of publishing professional custom owned e-Learning courses and assessments on the platform. The main requirement for this feature is that courses must be published in a SCORM compliant format. This will ensure that any investment already made in developing custom owned content, and the related time and resources spent, is retained.