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Critical Resources

The Institute for Data Centre Professionals (IDCP), at the New York State based Marist College was founded in 2004 with support and funding from the US National Science Foundation to provide education and training to students and working professionals in mission critical data centre operations and large, enterprise computing environments. The IDCP is a leading provider of vendor-neutral, college level courses for data centre professionals and a world leader in enterprise systems education. Professionals working in the data centre and enterprise computing realm are critical resources for the nation’s economic stability, yet there is a significant skills shortage as experienced professionals are retiring from the workforce and traditional computer science and information technology curricula are not addressing these skills. IDCP is expanding skills and building a new generation of skilled resources.

Data Centre Education

The Data Centre Facilities Management Associate and Professional Certificate programs provide competency in critical infrastructure design, management, and problem-solving acumen. While learning relevant, job-related skills, participants earn undergraduate credits that can be applied toward a fully online bachelor’s degree at Marist College. The program provides participants with essential knowledge and skills in facilities management, infrastructure, power, cooling, data communication, project management and cloud computing. With the additional courses in business management and practical applications of accounting, students will receive their CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional) certificate.

Enterprise Systems Education

According to a recent article on, 95% of the Fortune 500 companies continue to use mainframes, and about 2/3 of all business transactions for U.S. retail banks run on them. Yet many professionals who manage these mainframe computers are retiring. Netcampus, through its IDCP Africa program, is addressing this critical skills shortage by offering a variety of on-line certificate programs including training covering:
New programs are continuously being developed to respond to the changing business landscape including a new graduate level certificate in Business Analytics and a two course certificate covering AIX on Power.

Engaging Environment

All courses offered through the IDCP utilize the New York State based Marist College Premier iLearn Course Management Environment. Students are provided with an engaging virtual classroom delivered entirely through the web.
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